Unit 10 Data Handling (1) Mission Possible

With reference to the task described in the GoogleSite

4 Collections of questions are available at the task page.
  • Collection A: Pictograms
  • Collection B: Bar Graphs
  • Collection C: Pie Charts
  • Collection D: Line Graphs
You only need to answer ONE question from EACH collection

How to choose the questions?
  • The question comes with varying level of difficulty & complexity.
  • Pick a question that is challenging enough for you, yet you would be able to present the correct solution.
How to present my worked solution?
  • You are going to submit it as a oral presentation in video (viva voce).
  • The video should not be longer than 2 minutes.
  • You may use copy the question (image embedded in the GoogleSite) to aid your explanation.
  • You should show the working clearly, and explain the steps, including the concepts when relevant.
  • You are strongly advised to work out the solution before recording your presentation.
  • The last scene of the video should be an image that presents the final answers to all the parts.

Submitting your work
  • Post your answers in the Padlet (accordingly to the Collection).
  • Remember to enter your name at the Post as well as the question number that you are doing.
  • Complete this before Term 2 Week 10 (27 May 2016 Friday)

Collection A

Collection B

Collection C

Collection D

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