Monday, 24 October 2016

Preparation: Maths Amazing Race

The following topics will be covered at the Maths Amazing Race.
You would probably want to go through the materials in the websites indicated very quickly to gain an overview of the topics and find the out key ideas in each of these topics before the session on Tuesday (25 Oct 2016):

Pythagoras' Theorem
Maths Textbook Book 2: Chapter 8
BBC Bitesize - GCSE: Pythagoras' Theorem
Number Patterns
Maths Textbook Book 1: Chapter 7
BBC Bitesize - GCSE: Patterns and Sequences
Maths Textbook Book 1: Chapter 11
BBC Bitesize - GCSE: Polygons
4Rotational SymmetryBBC GCSE Bitesize: Rotation Symmetry

For more details of each topic, do refer to the textbook.

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