Sunday, 15 May 2016

What's up in Term 2 Week 9 & Week 10.... till end of June Holidays

There are only 2 periods in Term 2 week 9 & 10.

While we take time to unwind, we'll need to touch base with what we learnt in Semester 1 and get ready for Term 3.

Below are several things we need to accomplish in the next 6 weeks (including the June Holidays):

1. June Holidays Engagement (1) Revision [Hardcopy issued on 16 May 2016, Monday]
  • Tier A (estimated: 1 hour):
    • For those who did not score A1 for the Common Test paper. Optional for others.
    • Specific areas have been identified for you to re-visit and clarify
    • You are strongly encouraged to complete this tier before Term 2 closes so that you can clarify your doubts with me (in school or via email)
  • Tier B (estimated 5 hours):
    • For everybody
Start early and stagger the tasks over the 6 weeks (average: 1 hour per week)
Do not get yourself stressed up/out because you need to do a lot of work within a short time.

2. June Holidays Engagement (2) Planning ahead

The following topics are in the pipeline:
  • Inequalities
  • Unit 09 Functions and Linear Graphs
  • Unit 10 Data Handling

Preparation Tasks:

2.1. Unit 09 Functions and Linear Graphs
2.2 Unit 10 Data Handling
  • Study notes will only be given in Term 3.
  • Attempt Mission Possible - that requires you to recap what you learnt in Primary School
  • This is a diagnostic activity to assess how much you could recall and how clearly you could articulate and present your train of thought.
    • Read the Introduction and Tasks in the GoogleSite
    • 4 collections of tasks are presented. You are only required to answer ONE question from each collection.
    • Submit your work in the padlets via the Maths Blog (see tab above) before Term 2 ends
      • Deadline: 27 May 2016

3. Maths File

Remember to file all the handouts (study notes, assignments, etc) assigned to-date into the Maths file, and have it tidy up during the school holidays.

These materials would be very useful whenever you need to make reference to.

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