Monday, 16 May 2016

[16 May] What we did today and What's up tomorrow?

With our short contact time this morning, you should have received the following:
(except Nadia & Zhenghang)

  • Common Test Papers - pls staple the answer sheet that you recorded the answers at the Review session to the back of the test papers. File this in your Maths file.
    • You can find the suggested answers in the GoogleSite - remember to go through the presentation of the working that demonstrates the understanding and application clearly
  • June Holidays Engagement Handout (Hardcopy); you also saw where it was parked at the GoogleSite
  • Study Notes for "Unit 08 Inequalities" - Please bring along for tomorrow's lesson (17 May)
  • Study Notes for "Unit 09 Functions and Linear Graphs" - for your reference
    • You were brought to the GoogleSite to attempt the activity "Mastering Coordinates"
  • "Unit 10 Data Handling" - Diagnostic activity
    • You were brought to the GoogleSite and briefed on answering one question per collection. 
    • Deadline: Last Day of Term 2

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