Monday, 11 April 2016

Application of "Meaningful" Equation (i.e. Formulae)

Dear S1-01

This morning, we started the topic, Linear Equation, which is built on Algebra. From the diagram (which Elrond will post "above" this post), we saw how the different skills and concepts learnt in algebra will be applied in this topic, and subsequent topics.

In the introduction example, you notice that we substitute values into an equation to find out the unknown values. The 'storyline' can be developed into a word problem, that demonstrates the application of equations in real world.

Key Ideas 
Formulae are meaningful equations.
Equations/ formulae describes relationship between variables (which we will look in greater depth).

We will learn techniques to solve equations (i.e. to find out the unknown variables, usually denoted by x). That is where we carry out the balancing act (i.e. to balance the equation through addition/ subtraction/ multiplication/ division).

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