Friday, 8 April 2016

[8 April 2016] Getting Ready for Next Week

Dear S1-01

We have completed the unit on Algebra Factorisation today.
On next Monday, we'll start on the new topic, Linear Equations.
This topic builds on what you learnt in Algebra.

To start off this unit,

1. Remember to watch the video lessons (refer to the post below) to understand the concept behind balancing equation - this was assigned two days ago.

2. Refer to the textbook:

  • Read Worked Example 1 (p115)
  • Attempt "Practice Now 1" (p116)
  • Read Worked Example 2 (p116)
  • Attempt "Practice Now 2" (p117)
  • Read Worked Example 3 (p117)
  • Attempt "Practice Now 3" (p118)

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