Tuesday, 19 April 2016

[19 April 2016] What we did this morning and preparation for next lesson

Today, we did the following in class:

1. Worksheet on solving simple equations with one unknown
In total, we saw 6 formulae.
In each formula, the relationship of the variables are presented as an equation.

Click HERE to access the discussed solution (by Elise; as well as the suggested solution)

2. 5-min Quiz on Algebra: Substitution 
Click HERE to access the worked solution presented by Daniel and Nadia.
There is a difference in presentation.


2 handouts on Factorisation are given to you:
  • Revision for Common Test - Go through p1. Need not do the rest. We will select questions for discussion
  • Self Practice 3: Factorisation of Quadratic Expressions - It is about Factorisation using Cross Method. You may check your answer against the copy uploaded in the GoogleSite
In addition, do bring along 2013 ad 2014 Common Test Papers for discussion on Thursday.

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