Tuesday, 12 April 2016

[10 March 2016] Algebra - Challenging Questions

Below are the proposed worked solutions...

For (a), four sets of correct answers were received.

  • Emmanuel Chew, Jeffrey and Abigail's working were pretty similar, except that Abigail only started 'cancelling' the common terms after she 'converted' the operation, ÷ to x.
  • Look out for Jonathan's working, the line just before arriving at the final answer (i.e. 1). He applied the law of indices to sum up the powers. Well done!

by Jonathan

by Emmanuel Chew

by Jeffrey

by Abigail

For (b), two sets of correct answers were received.

  • Abigail's working is more systematic and the steps are clearly presented.
  • Jeffrey's working came with hidden steps that sometimes one might have difficulty figure out how he arrived at the next line.

by Abigail

by Jeffrey

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