Friday, 1 April 2016

[1 April 2016] Homework and Getting Ready for next week

Dear S1-01

Today, we completed "Factorisation using Special Product" and did the introduction to "Factorisation by Cross Method".

1. "Factorisation using Special Product" - Divide and Conquer Activity
All, except Group 2, had already submitted your answers in the slides.
Group 2: Pls email the image of the answers to me to put up in the slides.
Check the steps against your handout. You should be able to answer almost all the questions.

2. "Factorisation by Cross Method"
Watch the video clips in the Play List.
In total, there are 7 clips that illustrate how to handle each scenario. Do not skip the clips.

Homework & Getting Ready for the next week:
1. Attempt Study Notes (p27 & p28): Examples and Classwork: Tier A
We'll discuss the questions.

2. You may attempt the next assignment - and we will select questions for discussion during the lesson.

Below are more examples. Read Examples 1 to 7.
Click HERE to access the padlet

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