Thursday, 3 March 2016

Revision: For Discussion - Word Problems

Answer the following questions on writing paper(s).

Include your name (index number), class 
Subject: Maths - Revision: Word Problems (HCF, LCM, Percentages)

Total Duration: 20 minutes [Total = 12 marks]
  • Do not copy question. 
  • Show all working clearly.
  • Label the working with Question number and parts clearly.
  • Leave a line between questions and parts.

Question 1

Ms Claire used 90 red flowers, 105 yellow flowers and 120 white flowers to make bouquets. Each bouquet had the same number of red, yellow and white flowers. In other words, all the bouquets are identical. All the flowers are used. Find
(a) The greatest number of bouquets that could be made. [3]
(b) How many red, yellow and white flowers did each bouquet come with? [2]

Question 2

The warning system for a lighthouse flashes a beam of light every 25 seconds while the warning message is activated every 1.5 minute. Find the time taken in minutes for both to be played at the same time. [3]

Hint: Convert the time to seconds

Question 3

A fruit seller buys 480 kg of durian at $2.50 per kg. He sells 20% of it at $6 per kg and 75% of the remainder at $4 per kg. If the rest of the durians are not sold, find the gain or loss as a percentage of the cost price. [4]

You are expected to write statements/ descriptions to inform the reader what the working represents.
E.g. Cost price of 480 kg of durian = 
E.g. Profit/ Loss = 
E.g. Percentage Gain/ Loss as a percentage of cost price = 

Click HERE to view suggested solution
Click HERE to view answers by Alex 
Do take sometime to read Alex's set of answers. 
Like a number of you, Alex scored full marks; Alex lost 1 presentation mark [P] and 1 unit mark [U], as a result, his final score is 10/12. 

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