Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Revision: For Discussion - Percentages

During the 20-min session on how to answer questions in word problems like "Percentages", the following were highlighted:
  • "Percentage Point" refers to the difference of 2 percentages. 
  • Many of you are now able to write the step-to-step working. However, when answering problem questions, it requires you to write down brief description of what you are working on (e.g. "Cost Price", "Original Price", "Price after 25% discount", "Percentage Increase"). Otherwise, your numerical-only working does not carry meaning with it.
  • Remember to indicate "%" when you are supposed to find an answer in "%". Writing a numerical value shows that you are not clear what is required in the question. 
  • Remember to write down the "units"

Answers to the working are all available in Maths GoogleSite > S1-01 page (scroll down to the relevant folder)

2 questions were highlighted and templates were given to guide you on step by step presentation.
One technique to handle such question is presenting the info in a diagram.

Source: S1 Mathematics Workbook 1 (Homework issued)

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