Friday, 4 March 2016

Getting Ready for Next Lesson

Dear S1-01

Before we meet for Monday's lesson, please do the following:
  • Review of Assignment 4.2 and Getting Ready for 4.4
    • Please go through Study Notes for Lesson 4.2 and Lesson 4.3, in preparation of next Monday's lesson
  • AceLearning Quiz
    • An online lesson has been assigned (Simple Algebraic Manipulation). Please read/ watch the lesson materials at the portal
    • Attempt the 15-Question (20 mark) Quiz
  • Assignment 4.2 
    • It was returned (for those who submitted). We'll discuss the commonly made errors surfaced on Monday (7 March)
  • Maths File
    • By now, you should have filed all the handouts (including Study Notes) in your Maths file. Do get it ready for start submitting the files from Monday. Deadline would be next Wednesday.

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