Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Algebraic Expansion: Concrete to Abstract

Dear S1-01

We ended our lesson with an activity that helps us to link what we already know (i.e. Area of rectangle) to expansion in algebra, using the index card given to you.

By finding the area of each part (smaller rectangles) and organising the terms, we learnt how this could be done through expanding (a +1) and (2a + 3) using Distributive Law of Multiplication (that we learnt in Topic 2)

Here's a summary of the activity:

You are given the set of notes that went on to elaborate the application of the expansion of expressions.

You may refer to the following clips to help you understand the process better as you attempt the questions:

(1) Youtube Playlist (click at the link): Study notes - Examples (d)

(2) Youtube Playlist (click at the link): Study notes: Examples (f), (e), Class Work Tier A Q8

Note: Some lessons are assigned to you via AceLearning - in preparation of what we are going to do next week.

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