Monday, 7 March 2016

7 March: Things we accomplished today and Getting Ready for Next Lesson

Dear S1-01

1. Preparation for tomorrow's lesson 
Please go through Study Notes for Lesson 4.3.
It is on expansion using distributive law (which we did in class today)
Go through and attempt the questions for tomorrow's discussion.

You should finish attempting the 3 other examples that explains "expansion by distributive law".
You can check the details in slides at

2. Challenging Questions (attempted during lesson)
Attempt the 3 questions in your workbook.
This would be a good practice for you to put the knowledge and skills acquired in the topic so far.

The proposed solution from the groups are already inserted in the Google Slides.

Note that we still do not have the correct worked solution for Question 2 yet.
Post yours in the Google Slides if you think you've found your answer.
Remember to indicate your name and group in at the slide.

3. Self-Directed Learning
Study notes and Assignment sheet were issued to you.
Do read the details in the blog post:

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