Thursday, 25 February 2016

Consolidating Lesson 1: Algebra - Simple Manipulation


1. Do the following on a sheet of writing paper

  • Write your name, register number, class and group number on the heading of the paper
  • Write the title, Algebra - Simple Manipulation

2. Copy the question carefully and label it neatly by the side

Remember to
(1) Show all steps clearly. No not skip any step.
(2) Neat and proper presentation of working is important. 

  • The working must show your train of thought.
  • Do not break down the working into parts. 

(3) Leave a line after each question

Maximum duration for Q1 and Q2: 10 minutes

Maximum duration for Q5: 5 minutes

Afternote (posted on 26 February 2016, Friday)

Click HERE to view the "Working and Answers" by Matthew Liang.

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