Monday, 15 February 2016

15 Feb: Things we accomplished today and Getting Ready for Tomorrow

(A) What we did today...
We discussed how to recognise the possible degree of accuracy when given a number.
Several examples were cited

In addition, we discussed:

  • When evaluating an arithmetic expression, we normally round off to 3 significant figures if the answer is non-exact.

(B) Homework 
1. Percentages - Homework

  • We discussed the expectations of the written work, which includes clear and complete working, not dividing the page into 2 columns
  • To be submitted tomorrow 16 February (Tuesday)

2. Attempt the following for discussion Tomorrow:

  • Assignments 3.1 to 3.3
  • It should not take more than 30 minutes to finish the 3 assignments

Amendments to Assignments:

  • Assignment 3.2: Q1 & Q2: Change "Estimate" to "Evaluate"
  • Assignment 3.3: Do not attempt questions from Q8 onwards

(C) Revision Papers
In preparation of the upcoming Level Test (to familiarise you with the expectations), a hardcopy of the 2015 S1 Level Test 1 question paper was issued to all.
Note: Softcopy is available in the GoogleSite (see image below)
  • Attempt the questions on writing papers. 
  • Show all working clearly in ink. Do not divide the page into two columns.
  • Label the working clearly (i.e. Question and parts).
  • Staple the question paper on top of the writing papers.
  • All sheets of papers to have your name, register number and class.
Deadline: Next Monday 22 February 2016

Note: Elrond & Celine - please find out from the classmates the examples we discussed in class.

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