Wednesday, 3 February 2016

3 Feb: Things we accomplished today and Planning Forward

Dear S1-01
  • You were briefed on three areas (SDL, AA1, Preparation for next topic)
  • We went through Study Notes: Unit 2 Lesson 4 and focused on the strategies when operating on fractions. 
    • It is important for you to master the strategies as they are relevant and applicable to another topic, Algebra. 
  • Complete the "Spot the Error(s)" handout for discussion in the next lesson.
  • You are strongly encouraged to watch the set of video clips (Unit 2 Operation of Numbers (tab above)) to understand and be familiar with the strategies.
  • Challenging Question 2 was issued to the class. This is optional. 
    • You may submit the paper tomorrow as correct answers will contribute to group points.
  • You should submit the corrections for Number Line activity by today (to Maths Rep).
  • You need to submit Assignments 2.1 to 2.5 by the end of tomorrow's lesson.
  • Failure to do so will require you to stay back after school to complete the task on Friday (after the LNY celebration)

For forward planning... [We went through in class... step-by-step]
  • Self-Directed Learning (SDL): Percentages
    • Study notes are issued to you (with Homework indicated at p8)
      • Homework to be submitted on 17 February (Wednesday) (Term 1 Week 7)
    • You were referred to the GoogleSite for the online activities
    • Revision Handout - to be ready for discussion in Term 1 Week 8
    • Online practices will be assigned via AceLearning portal
  • Alternative Assessment 1 (AA1)
    • We went through the information (including useful references) in both the GoogleSite and Google Classroom
    • Deadline: 12 February 2016 (Friday) (Term 1 Week 6) 
    • You have also been informed that there will be penalty for late submission of work
  • Unit 03: Estimation and Approximation
    • This is the next lesson unit.
    • In preparation of the lesson unit, you are strongly encouraged to watch the video clips posted in the AceLearning portal (under this topic)
    • Video clips on specific areas: Significant Figures are now available in the Maths Blog (tab above), do VIEW the clips before we start the topic.

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