Wednesday, 17 February 2016

17 Feb: Things we accomplished today and Getting Ready for Next Lesson

We have completed all 4 periods of lessons for the week.

Unit 04: Algebra

  • We discussed the questions in the activity, "Divide and Conquer": I am the Translator
  • You should have checked the answers and taken down notes as we discussed the questions. Please remember to insert the handout in your Maths file.
  • Paul's Wheel of Reasoning was introduced to guide us in questioning our assumptions when we attempt questions
  • Click HERE to read more about Paul's Wheel of Reasoning.
  • We applied this thinking model when we discussed  "Algebra: Which is Larger?"
    • We agreed that there are 3 possibilities: Greater, Smaller, Equal.
    • Please go through the class responses again and see you are able to propose a fuller solution before we meet to continue the discussion next week.
Homework (1) - to complete by Friday (under Comments)
Homework (2) - to complete by next Monday for class discussion
  • Assignment 4.1 

Preparation for next lessons...
More materials will be shared with you over the next two days for preparation.

6 AM QUIZ is making a come-back this Saturday (20 February 2016).
Look out for some fun stuff!


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