Sunday, 24 January 2016

What did some of you say... When to Use - HCF and LCM?

With reference to the Quiz that the class has attempted, click HERE to view the responses.

Good tips suggested by some of you...

By Alex [Group 1]:
HCF is usually used when we are packing things into boxes. LCM is used when we want to see when we next meet(the number given in the question is usually smaller than the answer)

By Elise [Group 3]:
For HCF, its whether the question asks for the greatest number of etc etc, while for LCM its whether the question asks for the least number of etc etc.

By Peng Kiang [Group 4]:
If it is separation, it is highest common factor. If each party has a separate timing and they ask for a time they will collide, we use lowest common multiple.

By Daniel [Group 4]:
The highest common factor is used to make the number of things in a group equal. The lowest common multiple is used to find out when numbers are equal after multiplying them.

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